A dynamical life cycle inventory of steel, aluminium, and composite car bodies-in-white
• Peter Stasinopoulos, Paul Compston

Increasing sustainability of road transport in European cities and metropolitan areas by
facilitating autonomic road transport systems (ARTS)

• Jörn Schlingensiepen, Rashid Mehmood, Florin Codrut Nemtanu, Mihai Niculescu

Assessment of the Viability of vegetable Oil Based Fuels
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Bionik - Patents of Nature
• Thomas Brodbeck

Coating of Automobile Structural Components from Ultra-High Strength Steels
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Deposits in Diesel Engines
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Efficient lithium-ion battery pack electro-thermal simulation
• Lucas Kostetzer, M. Eng

Fuels and combustion strategies with recovery of waste heat and kinetic energy for a
more environmentally friendly vehicle.

• Dr. Petros Lappas

How new Things come into the World
• Thomas Brodbeck

Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil Challenge Feedstock
• Sebastian Dörr

Lightweight Photovoltaicand E-Mobility
• Thomas Ferwagner

Performance Evaluation of two-speed electric vehicles
• HolgerM Roser, Paul D Walker, Nong Zhang

Risk optimisation of an automobile hydrogen system
• Jean Meyer

Structural Composite Elements with Special Behavior
• Horst Bansemir

Sustainability in Automotive Pricing
• Dr. Thomas Ruhnau, Wilfried Bunzel

The usage of lightweight materials in hazardous areas – Flex-Metal-Mesh
• Eva Wilhelm

Thermal systems for vehicle thermal management
• Ullrich Hesse

Towards Sustainable Individual Mobility: Challenges and Solutions
• Wulf-Peter Schmidt